Straight Egyptian Arabians Standing at Stud

Imperial Baaru

2006 Grey Straight Egyptian Stallion

Imperial Baarez X Imperial Falaah
​Strain: Kuhaylan Ajuz
Tail Female: Rodania

share: Imperial Baaru is everything a Straight Egyptian is breed to be; he combines an ethereal beauty, athleticism and versatility all in one very exotic package.

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Qadar Ja’Zil

2008 Grey Straight Egyptian Stallion

Qadar Al Jalil x MB Rayeena
Strain: Dahmah Shahwaniyah
Tail Female: El Dahma (Farida)

share: Qadar Ja’Zil is an exceptional stallion who according to International Equine Consultant Liz Salmon Is “A top quality, very typey stallion with large eyes

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Qadar Nadir Samar

2006 Grey Straight Egyptian Stallion

Ansata Nile Nadir X Zahara Keela
Strain: Saklawi Jedran
Tail Female: Moniet El Nefous

share: One of the few stallions sired by his late sire, Ansata Nile Nadir, available to public stud. Nadir Samar’s sire, Ansata Nile Nadir, was

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Thee Revolution

1996 Grey Straight Egyptian Stallion

Thee Desperado x Bint Zaarina
Strain: Hadbah Inzihiyah
Tail Female: Venus

share: We are extremely happy to add Thee Revolution to our stallion line up. He is an exotic stallion with extreme movement, a long well

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