Thee Revolution

1996 Grey Straight Egyptian Stallion

Thee Desperado x Bint Zaarina
Strain: Hadbah Inzihiyah
Tail Female: Venus


2004 Egyptian Event Unanimous Most Classic Head - Champion
2004 Egyptian Event World Class Stallions 6-9 year old- Reserve Champion
2006 Egyptian Event Unanimous Most Classic Head- Champion
2006 Egyptian Event World Class Stallions 10 and over- Reserve Champion

We are extremely happy to add Thee Revolution to our stallion line up. He is an exotic stallion with extreme movement, a long well set neck with a fantastic mitbah, and a beautiful head. Although Thee Revolution had a very limited show career has was the unanimous winner of Most Classic Head at both the 2004 & 2006 Egyptian events. His dryness or better yet, his elegance is a powerful reminder of his desert heritage. And Oh! His eyes! So large, so fully black and placed lower on his short, broad head will captivate you, as he charmed many other people way back in 2004 & 2006.. If anything, he has matured into one of the most breathtaking Egyptian Arabian stallions in North America.